BEH llc was founded by Dan Dimancescu in 2003 to consolidate a portfolio of consulting and business investment activities. Principal offices are in Massachusetts (USA). Related activities include:
Kogainon Films / Studio 901 Productions llc is a film production house founded in 2008 both sponsoring and producing documentary films. Partnered with National Geographic Magazine (Romania Edition).
BtF-Bran srl, a partner company, is a Romanian-based business established to enter the rural tourism market for foreign visitors to Romania (MORE).
Technology & Strategy Group, a consulting partnership serving Fortune 500 companies founded in 1978 and, was absorbed into BEH in 2005. (MORE)
Tourism promotion by Axis Mundi is focused on high-end leisure travel in Romania.
CEEtech-watch is a knowledge service for professionals focused on business and technology in Central and East Europe - 2000 to 2010 (MORE)
BtF operates the Inn on Balaban an award-winning traditional guest house in Bran/Simon. (see)


Dan Dimancescu (CV) and publications (see)


Cities Corporation: an urban cartography firm established in 1970 to bring improved design to the making of urban maps and the first in the U.S. to use computer tools to draft commercial maps / see archive of cartographic work

Cities Project: A comparative study of Tokyo, New York, London and Moscow carried out by a cross-disciplinary team of academics, journalists, and media (photo, and film) professionals

BTF Publishing is a publisher of selected trade titles for distribution in the United States (MORE)
"Nicholas Dimancescu" Visual Media Academy is a workshop program for young filmkakefs and photographers (MORE)
Impact of Highways on Cities - a presentation to planners in Bucharest, Romania, describing alternatives conceived in Boston, San Francisco, and Seoul. (MORE)
Knowledge Keepers - First in a series of mobile media articles (MORE)