Book Publications:

The Seamless Enterprise (HarperBusiness)
- the first book to introduce to American business readers Japanese innovations in 'cross-functional' management

The Lean Enterprise (Amacom)
- lessons learned in applying process management methods to improve productivity among leading companies of the world

World Class New Product Development: Benchmarking Best Practices of Agile Manufacturers (Amacom)
- four years of cases studies are consolidated into a single volume describing best practices of the world's leading companies
... and Chinese edition

Corporate and World Debt and Bankruptcy (Ballinger)
- an anedoctal overview of major public and private bankruptcies and the implications for public policy

Global Stakes: The Future of High Technology in America (Ballinger)
- an analysis with case examples of the importance of a technologically skilled workforce as a competitive advantage

The New Alliance: America's R&D Consortia (Ballinger)
- a study of twelve research and development consortia and the varied mechanisms used to accelerate innovations in key high-technology sectors

The Innovators (Harper & Row)
- an analysis of the critical role played by universities, industry amd government as partners in stimulating economy activity through technological innovation

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